Facebook Feed Submission

Login to https://business.facebook.com/commerce/

1. Add Catalog > Ecommerce > Upload product info > Create
2. View Catalog
3. Data sources on left > Datafeed > Scheduled feed
4. Paste your GMCFeed url (leave login details blank)
5. Select Daily at 8AM
6. Upload

You should then be all set!


Below are previous Facebook steps should you be utilizing the old Facebook interface.

Login to business.facebook.com

Select the Menu Icon and then Catalog Manager:

Select Create Catalog on right side:

Select Ecommerce:

Select Upload Product Info and pick the account details and catalog name then Create:

The next screen will prompt to view/process catalog.  Simply click next.

The following screen select Product Data Sources and then > Add Products:

Select Use Data Feeds:

Then select Set Automatic Upload Method:

Paste your GMCFeed url found in your dashboard into this field (ie. https://gmcfeed.s3.amazonaws.com/exported/xxxxxxxxxxx/gmcfeed.txt)

Then select Daily. We recommend 2-3 hours after your source import time within GMCFeed.com (ie. if your Schedule import time in GMCFeed is 1AM, select 4 AM in Facebook)

Select Upload your file.

After the feed file has been processed an error screen will show processing errors.  Correct the feed as required in GMCFeed.

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